Ditec DAS107PLUS is the new sliding door operator focusing on the needs of our customers and featuring high quality components at the right value:

  •      Performing electromechanical operator for up to 160 kg door weight
  •      Tested up to 1 Million cycles
  •      Long-lasting automation with 24 V DC DUNKERMOTOREN™ with built-in Encoder
  •      Reinforced techno-polymer wheels in DUPONT™ Delrin®
  •      Fully certified and tested by TÜV SÜD


Designed for a simple and efficient installation, few components to assemble and few steps to set-up. Ditec DAS107PLUS is the time saving solution for any need:

  •      Plug & Play connectors
  •      Automatic self-learning start-up mode, with auto detection of:

-        weight of wings

-        passage opening

-        presence of locking device and typology (fail safe, fail secure)

-        emergency and back-up batteries

  •      Easy and accurate CU setting with digital programming and just few key parameters
  •      Switching power supply covering a wide range of electric voltages (100 V÷240 V; 50/60 Hz) 
  •      Easy adjustment of trolleys and belt


Ditec DAS107PLUS is the solution to optimize stock value and manage logistics:

  •      Easy to order: 1 kit, 1 beam and 1 cover and you’re ready to start with your operator
  •      The convenient kit item includes power supply, gear motor, control unit, trolleys, program selector and brackets
  •      Beam and cover available length: 4450 and 6650 mm
  •      Selected range of accessories to complete your installation
  •      One door holder for every application, designed in conjunction with Ditec glass profile wing, Ditec PAM and ALU profile series and any commercial frames



DAS801LOK: secure lock with external handle release. See the manual

 Ditec DAS107PLUS Accessories

DAS801LOKA: safe lock. See the manual


DAS107B44NP – DAS107B66NP:

casing L = 4450 / 6650 mm

ALU anodized EURAS C0

DAS107C44GP – DAS107C66GP:

cover L = 4450 / 6650 mm

mill finish

DAS107C44NP – DAS107C66NP:

cover L = 4450 / 6650 mm

ALU anodized EURAS C0
DAS901BAT1: battery kit, 12 V power supply for emergency use only  

DAS902BAT2: battery kit, 24 V power supply for back-up use

DAS900PH1A: pair of photocells  

DAS11M8: fixing plates kit for AC1356, PAM16 and PAM30

DAS18M8: fixing plates kit for AC4255 and AC4870

DAS40M8: fixing plates kit for ALU48 

See the manual


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