CLIQ® locking makes medicine management more efficient

North Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust provides emergency and acute healthcare to around 350,000 people in north-east England

The customer


NHS England, North Lincolnshire & Goole NHS Foundation Trust


Lincolnshire, UK


CLIQ devices installed:

CLIQ locking cylinders & keys for cabinets & cupboards

Year of installation:


The challenge

Drug cabinet security
With an annual budget of £300 million, North Lincolnshire & Goole NHS Foundation Trust typically handles 135,000 emergencies and 400,000 outpatient appointments every year.
The Trust sought a secure locking system to control access to drug cabinets across 3 hospitals and for a staff roster numbering around 6,500.


Key requirements included:

  • A replacement for mechanical locks, which waste nurses’ time searching for a ward manager or the right key    
  • Unified locking to secure several types of closure, including drug cabinets, cupboards and fridges    
  • A system to deliver time and cost savings for staff, patients and the Trust

The solution

Mechatronic locking
The NHS Trust installed CLIQ electromechanical locking with remote functionality on drug cabinets, cupboards and fridge padlocks. Each nurse carries a single, programmable CLIQ key that only opens locks corresponding with programmed authorisations.
Audit trails can be generated for any CLIQ cylinder, enhancing drug and medicine safety.


Saves staff time
According to Mike Urwin, chief pharmacist and clinical lead for medicines management, a nurse typically spends 40 minutes per shift looking for keys — wasted time that CLIQ eliminates.
If CLIQ was on every Trust ward, this equates to an extra 24 nurses on duty every day.

“Rapid-locking, modular cylinders which can be individually adapted in combination with very sturdy and user-friendly keys: eCLIQ thoroughly meets these requirements.”
Michael Molz, Managing Director, HOST