CLIQ® increases the security of controlled drugs and medicines

Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, is part of the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Trust, which treats 2.2 million people every year.

The customer


Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham (




Birmingham, England


Devices installed:

Approx. 1,400 CLIQ keys & 1,600 CLIQ locks



Year of installation:


The challenge

21st-century solution
Complicated key management systems can detrimentally affect the efficiency of nursing care. Staff using older mechanical systems struggle to keep track of who has the keys. Searching for that person to gain access to controlled drugs can waste a nurse’s valuable time.
Unauthorized access to drug stores can have serious financial and safety implications.


Key requirements for a new system:

  • access control suited to medicine management, ensuring nurses have quick and convenient access to secure drugs
  • the ability to generate audit trails, so pharmacists and nurse managers can see who has accessed cabinets or drug trolleys    
  • reliable access control already proven in the healthcare sector

The solution

Ideal retrofit
The solution for Queen Elizabeth Hospital was the CLIQ mechatronic locking system, technology already deployed in the NHS.
CLIQ is an easy-to-use access control system based on high-security mechanical disc cylinders and encrypted electronic locking and identification. Power to the cylinder is supplied by a standard battery inside every CLIQ key, so no wiring is required.


Remote key management
Audit trails for locks are available on demand. It’s easy to remove access permissions from lost and stolen keys using the software. These features boost the security of controlled drugs.
Efficiency is increased, as each nurse has access to their own key with personalised access rights. They don’t have to waste time looking for who has the key to a specific cupboard.

“The message from all nursing staff is that patients are getting medicines much easier and in a more timely fashion.”
Inderjit Singh, Chief Pharmacist at QE Birmingham