CLIQ® for Telecoms & Municipalities

Trusted access control for remote sites and mobile workers

Where is CLIQ used?

  • Network sites and transmitters 
  • Cell, cabling and other infrastructure locations 
  • Offices and corporate headquarters

Who is considered?

  • Employees/Managers    
  • External Maintenance Providers/Contractors    
  • Mobile Workers, including at Remote Sites


Your network sites require high security, so you demand trusted access control that’s proven itself in very challenging circumstances. Employees and contractors often work remotely, covering many miles. Locations may be exposed to climate extremes. Secure openings include doors and dispersed network cabinets, so you need wireless cylinders and padlocks.

CLIQ Solution

CLIQ’s powerful key access control functionality protects all types of telecommunications sites, indoors and outdoors. Additional features adapted to this sector include:

  • Hardened steel CLIQ padlocks which operate in climate extremes    
  • CLIQ Connect solution for managing mobile workforce access efficiently and sustainably    
  • PIN-protected key revalidation and updating for added security



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