CLIQ locking system for your property

Anyone who chooses an electronic locking system relies on security.

Regardless of the requirement profile and the planned locking system type, the electronic locking system is always an alternative. It is freely programmable and can thus depict any type of system.

CLIQ combines proven IKON precision mechanics with electronic encryption. This means that your doors are locked mechanically just as reliably as with conventional locking systems - but are also secured by electronic identification.

Your key to increased efficiency

CLIQ is suitable for all door types and does not require any wiring. The system is powered with a standard battery in the key. A comprehensive locking cylinder type range enables almost all requirements to be met.

Advantages of a CLIQ locking system:

  • Short-term and flexible adjustment of locking authorisations in the event of relocations, extensions and restructuring
  • Immediate blocking of lost keys ensures locking system security
  • High copying protection
  • Integration of access control solutions
  • Documentation of locking devices
  • Easy installation, no wiring required
  • Wide range of types, almost every requirement for a locking system can be met

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