Shine -digital locking for glass doors
Shine -digital locking for glass doors
Shine -digital locking for glass doors
Shine -digital locking for glass doors

shine™ enables you to remotely control access to areas of a building fitted with glass doors.
And what's more, no drilling is required, making shine™  the ideal retrofit solution to upgrade all glass doors to keyfree access control!

shine Advanced Mode icon
Advanced mode
Advanced mode can be used for professional and high security management.
shine Choice of Access icon
Choice of access
shine™ has two access solutions, PIN code or RF Card key for your convenience. 
shine Magic Mirror icon
Magic mirror
With the magic mirror the numbers appear on the mirror keypad only when it is touched. As an additional security feature, the user is able to check behind them using the mirror. 
shine Safe icon
Anti-tamper thumbturn
Opposing buttons on grip of thumbturn require depressing to allow user to operate.
shine Clip Type Bracket icon
Clip type bracket (no drilling required)
Quick and easy installation with the clip bracket. No drilling required and the bracket is secured with strong double sided tape.
shine Modern Slim Design icon
Modern slim design
Robust, low profile contemporary digital keypad design.
shine Temperature Alarm icon
High temperature alarm
In the case of a fire, it will detect the increase in temperature on the inside. The in-built alarm will then be activated and the lock status released automatically. 
shine Fake PIN code icon
Fake PIN code
To prevent the PIN code from being exposed, it allows you to enter fake numbers before or after entering your PIN code.
shine Connected icon
Remote control (optional) 
A remote control option is also available. Using Wireless Floating ID technology, it will work up to 50 metres.




















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