The safety and security of your pupils, staff and visitors is the utmost priority to us
We make sure your doors and hardware adhere to the latest fire protection standards
We make sure panic exit devices provide fast and easy evacuation in case of emergency

ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions – Door Inspection And Audit

The importance of well-maintained functioning doors cannot be overlooked; be it your main entrance, which is the first impression that clients and customers gain of your company or the interior doors that separate different parts of your facility.

Fire rated doors and correctly installed certified hardware slows down the spread of fire, ensures a smooth evacuation and could save someone’s life in the event of an emergency.

  • Fire doors must be checked regularly as they are crucial in protecting escape routes and maintaining compartmentation.
  • A professional should be consulted for door maintenance; preferably annually or bi-annually.
  • Fire doors are usually made from wood or steel.Wooden fire door requires intumescent and smoke seals.
  • Fire doors should be labeled from a third party certified provider mentioning the fire door characteristics of the door.
  • Inspection of door hardware is also important for Fire doors.
  • Fire doors should be used with door closers or automatic closing devices.
  • All exit doors should be free to exit in case of an emergency and outside locking should not hinder the safe exit.

Your safety and security is our priority!

ASSA ABLOY conducts door and hardware audits for schools, accommodations, colleges, hospitals, residential and commercial buildings.

Our experts will visit your facility to carry out a comprehensive inspection of your doors and hardware.

  • We make sure your doors fire integrity is still valid
  • Inspect every aspect of your doors, such as the alignment of the leaf and frame, the correct functioning of the hardware, access control and panic exit devices
  • Comment on any safety and compliance issues surrounding the doors and layout
  • Provide full report upon completion of the inspection
  • Advise on any rectification work 
Our professionally trained team can carry out any rectification work needed to bring your doors up to the required standard.
Book your inspection today via the toll free number 800 ASSAABLOY (277222569) or E-mail us at
Alternatively you can also scan the QR code on the door leaf to connect to our service team.